So, just because the universe wants me to stay humble;

Lessons Learned During a Trip to the Floating Gas Station:

  1. When filling your tank, technically the boat should tell you when it’s full by spurting a little bit of fuel out the overflow port. ┬áTechnically. ┬áMY boat overflows for no good reason at all, just because it feels like it.
  2. Diesel in the USA is pink. Diesel in Canada looks like lime kool-aid.
  3. Don’t untie your boat from the dock until you’ve ensured that the engine is going to start.
  4. If the engine doesn’t so much as turn over, it’s probably the batteries. The battery charger on my new generator is so handy! I didn’t really expect to need it quite so soon.
  5. The tidal bore under the Lion’s Gate Bridge can be vicious, with choppy standing waves, whirlpools and eddies!
  6. …actually no #6 right now, I’m going to get back to piloting the boat home.

*sigh*. I’m learning so much, so quickly. I’d say ‘sink or swim’, but I really don’t want to tempt fate.