Ok, Screw It.

I’ve installed WordPress.  I’m tired of using Drupal for a blog; it’s not blogging software and it doesn’t do what I want it to.

One thought on “Ok, Screw It.”

  1. yo drew! good switch. agreed, drupal rocks, but wp just makes it all streamlined nicely.

    couple plugins that i found useful for my install:
    db cache – cut my queries down from 108 to 9.
    gzip output – cut my bandwidth in half trading a few cycles in the process
    post to twitter – tweet tweet when a new post is written
    rpx – openid/facebook/google/etcetcetc auth for comments
    wordbook – cross post blog updates (one line) to your fb if you wanna draw traffic.

    keep livin the dream – d http://www.tiredofit.ca

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