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I am not a very good blogger.

To date, I’ve only been posting when I have something big to say, instead of when I have some new little bit of news or insight. I’ve changed the format of the blog so that it is less “story” oriented – ie, removed the ‘teaser’ part and made the full blog post appear on the main page. Now I am adopting the mindset that there is no post too small; we’ll see if that makes a difference in my posting frequency.

I just got off the phone with Bill, the guy I’m buying the boat from. We’re tentatively scheduled to go out for a sail on Thursday afternoon. I currently have no tenants lined up to take my apartment, but I’ve just posted it to Craigslist, and have several bites already. March 1st is the deadline! Most of my life is now being packed into tupperware containers, ready for storage or stowage, depending.