Back To The Grind

Well, things progress.

I mean, they could be progressing smoother, of course – I still don’t have a tenant lined up to move into the apartment, and April 1st draws ever closer. I’ve had a few people in to look at the place, but twice now people have come by, looked, told me they’d get back to me in a few hours and never bothered to call back. Rude!

The boat progresses quickly – I’ve posted a few pictures of the progress on my other website, of the aft cabin and a few pics of the outside. She still needs a lot of work, but the more I work on her, the more I realize that all of the work is well within my abilities – to quote Trent, “it’s not rocket surgery!” I’m actually quite enjoying learning about epoxy and fiberglass, and the finished product is immediately gratifying; fix a leak, and water stops coming in. Boosh!

I was hoping to make it out to the boat this week to do a bit more on it, but I’ve managed to score a free pass to the CanSecWest network security conference here in town. I can’t really spare the time off work, but given that a conference pass costs $1700 for the three days, I could also argue that I can’t afford not to go. I read an article yesterday that had a quote from Benjamin Franklin; “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him.”

The apartment is slowly emptying – more and more furniture is going away, and decisions are being made with regards to the layout of storage in the boat. I’ve decided that the starboard forecabin bunk is going to have to be sacrificed in order to make room for closet space; that’s not such a bad thing though, as it’ll mean a “proper” closet can be made, as well as a lot of extra space for boxes and such.

Anyhow – back to work. This week’s task is to get the Evil Masters’ main website up and running in the Amazon cloud, and that means finishing up these i386 AWS AMI’s and building an x86_64 AMI for use as the database server and NFS server…