Nothing much to write about today. The weekend was a whirlwind of activities and too little sleep, and this morning I awoke to bitter cold, howling winds and a dragging anchor – but those sorts of things have become too common, too “baseline” to bother writing about. The winter has arrived, and I’m sure it will get even worse yet, so I’ll save my complaining for the days when things get really bad.

not a regular key in sight
not a regular key in sight

Instead I’ll just talk about my keys; the small collection on a keyring that I keep on me at all times. I hadn’t put any thought into them, but then I noticed a few days ago that my keyring does not contain a single regular-sized key anymore! Every key is a mini-type; my keychain is five keys for padlocks and two keys for bicycle U-locks, and nothing more. It certainly drove home for me the idea that I’ve eschewed the ordinary life – no car keys, no house keys, no office keys. My entire life is secured with padlocks.

My keychain is a small plastic Davis “Key Buoy” keychain that contains a chemical pellet that, when immersed in water (due, say, to someone accidentally dropping their keys into the ocean), dissolves and creates carbon dioxide gas. The gas fills a small plastic balloon which unrolls as it fills, becoming a thin orange inflated tube which then hopefully floats the keys back to the surface.

I used to also have my sailing knife, a Myerchin LightKnife Crew Pro, attached to my keychain – but upon reading the specs for the Key Buoy I think the knife is a bit too heavy for that, and so I removed it and just wear it clipped to my pocket at all times. I love the knife, and recommend it even though the locking mechanism keeps breaking on me. ┬áThe Myerchin lifetime warrantee covers that though, and they’ve replaced mine for free twice now.

*shrug*. I know keys are nothing exciting, but I figured what the heck, a short post about something trivial trumps no post at all.