Round Two

Back on the bus, headed down to Seattle to try again. This time I have an overwhelming amount of documentation with me – carrying a copy of my last six months of gas bills, a copy of my mortgage, my home insurance policy, details about the CloudCamp conference, hotel booking confirmation, and return ticket. Hopefully that’s enough, and I’ll be able to cross the border again. Still pissed about having a permanent black mark on my record though.

…but still pretty gleeful about being able to write this entry on the bus. 😀 I think this system is going to work out just fine on the boat.

On the boat front (the bow? *groan*) I’ve managed to bounce a few more items on Craigslist, but I’ve got an awful lot more to go. Monday I have a few people coming over to grab stuff, and probably later on in the week I’ll have even more.