More Conferences

It seems like this is the month for conferencing. Sitting at CanSecWest, realizing that I have finite life for my battery, having stupidly left my power adapter thingy at home. D’oh!

This is certainly a week for physical exertion – by the end of the week I’ll have biked about 100km, the most I’ve biked in one week in months. This is good though, as sooner or later I’m going to have to get back into shape if I intend to use my bike as my only method of city transportation. Well, semi-only, I guess the rowboat could count.

Still worried about the boat, actually… there’s a non-zero chance that the winds of Sunday might have blown the hatches off, and if that’s the case I can expect a lot of water in the boat. Not that the boat isn’t built to handle a lot of extra water, but still – it’s a worry.