Billing and Procrastination


I am so bad at actually tracking my time for billing purposes. Seriously – I’m currently living off of my Visa, for the sole reason that I haven’t billed my current contract since… DECEMBER. This is lame. Anyone can see the direct relationship between billing and getting paid, but for some reason I just want to spend my time ACTUALLY WORKING instead of playing ‘accounts receivable’.

I need to get better at this, pronto. Even writing this blog entry is just more procrastination. I think I’m much happier with a project manager, in a salaried position, where I know what I’m supposed to be working on every day. I miss knowing what my coworkers are doing, especially when that means that we don’t inadvertently duplicate each others’ work. But most of all, I miss not having to try to remember what I did last week, or the week before, or the month before that. Once again I’ve worked myself into a hole. *sigh*.