(posted from the couch at my Dad’s place)

I’m in an airplane, headed to New Brunswick for my baby sister’s wedding party. I don’t know what it is about being in an airplane that makes people want to blog, but there it is.

Trent lent me a book last night, and I’ve already devoured half of it today – frighteningly interesting stuff, Neil Strauss (yeah, “The Game” guy) writing about survival in unstable situations. It ties in really nicely with the boat plans – he stops *just* shy of using the term ‘technomadic’, but references the lifestyle amid talks of hinting, lockpicking and foreign passport applications. And here I thought I’d be spending the day playing Final Fantasy XII on my Nintendo DS.

On the boat front, things are coming to a crescendo – I return from the east coast next Thursday, and will be heading up to White Rock to pick her up either Friday or Saturday to move her into False Creek. The apartment is looking more and more bare every week; Mike and Chris showed up to pick up the couch, speakers and coffee table late Tuesday night. It’s a strange feeling, watching another life chapter draw quickly to a close – this one has been dragging on for a few months too long, but the excitement and trepidation is building.

Oh! The apartment is rented! Two nice young girls will be moving in, and they’re raring to start gardening. Looking around the house I notice that there’s quite a bit of work still to do, filling little holes in the drywall, cleaning, etc. I’ve also still got to sort out what to do with the remainder of my junk! Most of the bigger stuff is gone now, and the pile in the corner destined for the (unsourced) self-storage company remains more-or-less static, but there’s still a bunch of stuff that I just don’t know what to do with. I read a so-so ebook on the liveaboard lifestyle recently, and it had one good point to take away: when you sell your stuff for 1/10th of what it’s “worth”, you’re not getting ripped off; you were ripped off when you bought it for ten times what it would bring on the used market.

Oh god, Toronto Airport is still fucking pay-for-wireless! Qué lame.