I started to write a blog post on Friday morning, but by Saturday evening the still-open browser window – the blog editor page with just the word “Stress” written in the title box – had become its own succinct review of the events of those two days.  I won’t bore you with the details, but the main point is that after some fast talking, the VPD granted me another couple of days to get my engine going.  I spent most of the weekend working on her, and as of now I am reasonably confident (though knocking wood) that she is working well enough to get me the heck out of Dodge.

A quick highlight reel – in the past three days, I:

  • bicycled over forty kilometers and rowed over eight kilometers in total,
  • borrowed a truck and drove to Bellingham and back for engine parts,
  • had my oil filter spring a leak, leaving me with a couple of liters of used engine oil in my bilge,
  • spent over $700 on a new exhaust system, and assembled and installed it,
  • ate six cans of sardines and probably over a pound of sliced ham,
  • drank most of a bottle of Sailor Jerry, and
  • went out dancing.  Twice.

Tomorrow morning I try once more to escape the Creek.  My first destination will be Kitsilano.