What’s Up

I realize it’s been quite a while since the last time I posted, so here’s a quick update on what’s going on.

First, I haven’t figured out where to move to yet.  I have a few options, with plusses and minuses to each.  Deep Cove has friends nearby, but I haven’t heard much about the spaces available, if any, and the only places I’ve seen with boats anchored are quite a ways away from any amenities like laundry, groceries, etc.  Port Moody seems to have a few boats anchored, but no real docks or transit or… well, anything nearby.  Bowen Island is an option, but it requires pulling the boat up onto the beach if I want to go ashore.  Both places might require a lengthy row – ie a couple of kilometers.

Victoria still beckons, and frankly the idea of heading over there sounds like my best plan.  I figure I could take a week or so to get there, bounce down the coast, hit up a few of the little coves and bays along the way.  Once my engine repairs are complete – and they’re getting closer by the day – I can stock up on supplies and head out for literally weeks at a time, as long as I have fuel, water and cellphone access.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with emotional turmoil mostly unrelated to boating and adventure.  I’ll try to write about that soon, but I need some time to process it all first.  Emotions are funny things.