What a Week!

my hand in a wrist brace
my hand after a bike wipeout

Argh – I would like to write about the week I’ve been having.  There have been so many things  happening!

UNFORTUNATELY, one of those things that has happened is that I managed to wipe out on my bicycle, pulling a tendon (I think?) in my wrist.  As a result, I have had to have my right hand – my dominant hand – in a splint for the past three days.  This has also meant that I cannot safely ride my bicycle, so I’ve essentially had my wings clipped.  Furthermore it makes typing very uncomfortable!

On top of that, the winds have been blowing strong from the northwest for the past week – this wouldn’t normally be a problem, but what with my diminished capacity for all things manual, rowing included, I am somewhat landlocked.  I’ve spent the past two days working from my friend Carrie’s living room couch, while she is on an epic rock-climbing adventure in Thailand.

Lots has happened, and things are moving forward in my grand scheme at a very rapid rate – I’ll update this site as soon as it is more comfortable to type.