Today, I turn 33 years old.

Not that that’s a big deal or anything, but when I look back over the growth of the last year, I think. My friend told me that age 33 is significant to the Japanese, in that it represents the passing from being a “young man” to just being a “man”, or the entrance into the “summer” years of your life.

I couldn’t find that on Wikipedia, but what I did find was that the Muslim faith believes that the dwellers of Heaven exist eternally in a state of being at age 33, and that Jesus was crucified at age 33.

Regardless, 33 is the year in which I shall move onto my boat. In fact, with any luck that’ll begin this weekend!

My mother and sister have outdone themselves, and clued into the fact that I am selling off or getting rid of most of my belongings, and as such I have no need for more birthday “stuff”. Instead, they both gave me gift cards for Canadian Tire, which is a mind-blowingly practical and useful gift. I have a list that I’ve been compiling for weeks of things that I need from Canadian Tire, and I’m sure the grand total will be many hundreds of dollars, so the gift cards certainly help!

Another friend offered me a wonderful gift, though I’m not sure it was intended as a birthday thing – a free entry into a major security conference here in town later this month. Awesome! I was really interested in going to the conference, but frankly there was no way I’d be able to afford the $1700 entry fee. I’ll definitely be reporting more about the conference as I attend.

Anyhow – no big plans for birthday night. I have kung-fu at 7pm, then will probably meet up with some friends for sushi at 9:30pm, but other than that, nothing. *shrug*. Such is the downside of having your birthday on a Wednesday, I guess.